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    Strategic Insights, Planning and Execution

    Contact me for an obligation free discussion to explore how I may be able to assist you. There are very few issues that I have not personally managed, consulted, written or lectured about and I would be delighted to provide you with my insights.


    Typical consulting services are described below with videos. Go to HOT TOPICS for my latest on-line video courses, seminars and briefings. For details about seminars or consulting about innovation please go to my Lean Innovation site. See also my recent book 'Lean Innovation for Lawyers'


    Having discussed the issue, I prepare a free proposal for you setting out my understanding of your objectives, my suggested approach and what I expect to deliver. My fees are are also clearly described and are usually 'fixed' in the sense of being capped and can be paid according to a mutually agreed timetable over the duration of the consulting project.


    Act now - at the most, such an initial discussion will only set you back a 'strong flat white'....

    Duncan Hart LL.B MBA - About Me

    I began offering consulting services to professional service firms in 2002 after a 25 year career as a barrister, solicitor and then managing partner of one of Australia's largest law firms.


    My consulting assignments have spanned most professions and I have traveled widely to provide services to firms and corporate clients located as far away as China, Dubai, Europe and the US.


    I have written various articles, guides and books devoted to the 'business of the law'. Many of those works reflect my wider consulting experience in industry. I believe that the professions have much to gain from the learnings and experience of the wider commercial community in how to create, grow and manage organisations.


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    Barristers - In-house counsel

    Growth strategies

    Growth means more than revenue. To remain competitive, profitable as well as attractive to new talent and to clients a difficult mix of disciplines is required in any business.


    Those disciplines must increasingly be disseminated and practiced widely across the usually 'flat' structure of most professional service firms.


    'Knowing thyself' is usually a good place to start to which detailed data and analysis must be added. Market and client insights can then begin to inform the creation or revision of a firm or team's strategic priorities.


    Above all a credible and persuasive 'story' must be created to both inspire and direct the firm's activities, informed by a shared set of values.


    I can help bring together these elements with you and add experience and an industry wide perspective to assist you craft and then translate your strategy into action.


    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.

    Innovation programs

    As a means of engaging with and getting the best from your staff these programs are hard to beat. Internal initiatives across the whole spectrum of the firm's activities can be explored and pursued.


    Like any other initiative however firms have learnt to constructively channel such initiatives bearing in mind that many must fail and the process, expectations and the inevitable 'distraction' process must be handled carefully.


    I have considerable practical experience with 'start-ups' which experience can be applied to the process of driving innovation within firms. The application of these 'tools' is now the subject of intense practical as well as academic interest for those seeking to drive innovation in their firms.


    A range of programs are available to firms using a team of external resources to help drive the processes and learnings within your organisation. Delivered in conjunction with Lean Innovation. See HOT TOPICS below.


    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.


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    View details of on-line Innovation for Lawyers Course


    See 'Lean Innovation for Lawyers' - published July 2015

    (Buy it here)

    Team management & performance

    Team performance and management across diverse specialties and geographies is often the defining attribute of a successful firm. Whether it is in a leadership of 'followship' role most professionals find such co-operative models difficult to master. Whether it be the remuneration or appraisal processes, poor leadership practices, lack of leverage or poor delegation these issues can undercut the most promising of initiatives and need regular reinforcement and attention at all levels.


    An outsider's perspective and hands on assistance or in some cases interim management can be a transformational process for many such teams.


    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.


    See my video on the topic by clicking on the icon to the right and see also my Guide to Teams described below in the Books section.

    Productivity & Financial analysis

    Many firms and teams within firms find it difficult to identify the key factors to address and monitor to achieve the outcomes they seek. Having worked with practically every form of specialised service provider I am intimately familiar with the data sets and metrics which are commonly used.


    A fresh set of eyes is also invaluable in identifying factors which are adversely affecting productivity and help put in place credible solutions to identify solutions.


    I work with your internal financial and other functions to achieve outcomes which I believe are achievable. If restructuring or more dramatic remedies are required then I can provide management with assistance to make the decisions that may be required.


    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.

    Organisation change management

    The structure of many professional service firms does not always enable individuals or teams to realise their potential. I have worked within a wide variety of structures and reporting mechanisms and am well acquainted with their respective advantages and shortcomings.


    Introducing structural changes is but one of a number of organisational change projects which I am invited to participate in.


    Acting in conjunction with the parameters agreed by the management team I can 'project manage' most such transitions and again bring an outsider's experience and insights to the process. Expecting busy professionals to execute these changes is often a false economy and can severely dent management credibility if such initiatives fail or are badly executed.


    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.

    Individual mentoring

    I have found this service to often be the first step to introducing the best of management and business insights to a practice.


    A one on one relationship built up over a number of months can produce real results. Whilst most individual clients are at partner level or are managing key functions within firms I have frequently been retained to assist new partners or senior associates on the threshold of partnership.


    Watch my video by clicking on the icon to the right. More detail is also available on my lawfirmcoaching.com.au site


    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.

    Workshops,seminars & retreats

    Providing the 'learnings' and relevant theory is often the first step in driving change initiatives within a firm. It is also a means of engaging partners and staff in the process of creating the right 'mindset'. 


    I have carried out many such exercises at team and firm level and chaired or facilitated numerous events at which initiatives are explored, strategy probed or appropriate management techniques provided to assist partners manage their teams and staff.


    I am often also called upon to 'test the water' on initiatives which the leadership team is not as yet certain they want to launch. An informed discussion can then take place without the potential audience feeling they are required to adopt the 'management position'.


    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.

    Project management and execution

    Most consulting assignments can be thought of as 'co-productions'. A consultant brings knowledge, experience process and execution skills to the table to complement the firm's competencies.


    Successfully designing and delivering such 'projects' is a core skill for leaders of service firms and the ability to source and utilise outside expertise is often key to the success of a firm.


    A consultant can play any number of roles within such a co-production from providing an 'invisible hand' to playing a leading role in driving the design and implementation of the project.


    I have worked with Boards and leadership teams across many jurisdictions and can assist in any of these roles.


    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.


    If you are facing or in the midst of a difficult negotiation or you simply wish to plan your strategy, I can assist.


    As a barrister and litigation lawyer I have conducted innumerable negotiations and mediations to resolve, (without litigation), a wide range of commercial and contentious issues.


    Similarly if you are interested in increasing your negotiating skills in your firm or wish to review your practices in that regard this can be a confidence building exercise for many.


    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.

    Compliance - Audit 'bullet proofing'

    The responsibilities of Principals in law practices has increased dramatically under the new Uniform Law. Appropriate 'Management' and 'Supervisory' systems are required and may be enforced at at any time via audit.


    Failure to pass audit may result in your practice being 'supervised' or at worst your right to practice and supervise other practitioners may be curtailed.


    Stress test your practice's compliance systems.Review your essential management and supervisory systems or have Duncan set them up for you with appropriate documentation.


    New 'Compliance Plus' On-Line Course

    Free video preview here



    Send me an email to set up a time for an obligation free discussion.


    Uniform Law: Management Systems and Compliance Audits are here now!

    Click image to watch FREE introductory video to on-line course

    Map every one of your obligations under the Uniform Law and Rules onto one or more of 6 Management Systems you MUST have in order to comply.

    Full 1.5 hours of video plus slides and PDFs to set up all systems and to make you 'audit proof'

    A small tagline

    Innovation strategy and execution

    See chapter by chapter details by downloading from HERE


    Read an overview HERE


    Watch a video summary by clicking on the book cover.


    Published by Managing Partner Magazine/Ark Group London 2015


    in professional service firms

    Build and deliver an 'innovation agenda' within your firm. Apply the theory and practical rigor of the 'start-up' culture of Silicon Valley.


    Delivered in conjunction with Lean Innovation the course can be tailored to your needs, in-house or on-line or a blended approach can be created to suit you.


    START your LEAN INNOVATION on-line course NOW - click here for details

    ASX float pays HUGE dividends

    Patent attorneys and lawyers Sprusons, (IPH) hits the deck running with a $165M capital raising.


    I have prepared a detailed analysis of the float including its strategy,financials,risks, costs and implications for professional service firms.


    Book a 'board room briefing' and see how it was done - 2 hours and a 60 slide pack.


    Compare the metrics of your firm with IPH, Slater & Gordon and Shine.

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    Lean Innovation for Lawyers - On Line course available NOW

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